Saturday, May 14, 2011

Panthers and Puppies Oh MY!

Rawr! Are you a panther girl, raiding in Gorean sims? A couple of my friends are panthers and complained to me about the lack of boot selection for them. So I worked with them, took their ideas and boom! Panther boots!

Suede boots with a burned ivy decoration. Non functioning dagger and pouch on the boots. Comes with an alpha layer. Each pair is $195L and transfer only, so buy one for you and buy another for each of your sisters. Comes in Green, Brown, Red, Blue, Tan, Black, White, Pink, and Purple.

The Sock Monkey Flats are GONE! Hope you got them while you could. In the Lucky Chairs NOW are these!
Too cute Puppy Peeptoes!

Everything is out now in the Main Store..


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