Tuesday, May 3, 2011

One for the males

Ladies, this one isn't for you.

I've been asked before to make pumps sized for men in SL. Since men's feet are differently sized even when set to 0, shoes need to be made FOR male feet.

I've redone my strip scripted fetish pumps for the discriminating male. Wear the alpha layer, prim shoes and the shoe base. Touch them once to activate the strip script. Then enjoy as your significant other uses the menu to remove your shoes. You will have to manually remove the base the alpha layer.

These fab shoes are transfer only. $195L and available NOW in the main store. Comes in 11 colors.

This is also the last week you will be able to get the Sock Monkeh Flats from my lucky chair. After that, they will be pulled from the store.


pointedview said...

I'm sad and happy at the same time! Delighted to have found your fun, original store, but sad that the sock monkeh shoes are already gone! I just joined Second Life about a week ago, so they departed about a month before I arrived.

My family has had a real life shoe business for over 100 years. I think if my father were 55 years younger, he might be doing what you're doing -- he has always loved drawing shoes. :)

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