Tuesday, August 4, 2009


So. Renee Lowenhart of FabFree blog fame IMs me with an idea for some bachelorette party shoes. I'm game for any type of fun shoe, ya know! So I make some cute little shoes with lace, and bows and little golden bells. Well after that, you need a cute funny veil to wear too! And party favors, and some man candy and a checklist, and a not so spammy gesture.

So I make a cute matching veil, and when you're partying down with your girlfriends, they touch the veil and get a random party favor. A Man Candy cutout, a penis lollipop, a chocolate cupcake with penis candle or a Bachelorette Party shotglass!

The veil and the shoes are giftboxed with a Checklist sign and a funny gesture for you all to use at the club.

Comes in 6 colors, White, Pink, Green, Blue, Purple, and Red with black lace and bows for the gothy weddings. Each pack is $200L and giftboxed transfer for easy Bride to Be gift giving!

PS. Thanks to the FABGlitter Women's Club for the use of the club for the style shot!


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