Thursday, August 20, 2009

Noob Heels

Geez... the things I do to get you people off my back! I finally put my Noob pumps in my Xstreet box and put them up there for $1L so you can give them to people. They are STILL in my Lucky Chair for free, if you are so inclined.

I have some VERY SPECIAL shoes upcoming.. ehehe.. *giggle* Something the girls in Fashion Emergency dared me to make. Never dare a crazy shoelady.


Autumn Heyse said...

Left to your own devices you have officially lost it Rowan :P

Anya Yalin said...

Bwhaha, that's hilarious XD

I got them off Xstreet. I very much approve of the strange and quirky <3

Rowan Carroll said...

Autumn.. you know you love me.. I'll send you a preview of the Very Special shoes I'm working on.. then you tell me if I've lost it.. :}

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