Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How to Cut Your Inventory!

Today.. I'm gonna take on a topic CLOSE to my heart. Inventory bloat!

We all have some items in our inventory we can delete. I'm gonna show you an easy way to trim off some of the fat from your folders.

Extra Scripts

1. Open your inventory
2. Make sure it's fully loaded. To get a count, try typing a letter into the search bar, and wait for it to get done load. Clear the search bar.
3. At the top of your inventory window, click File
4. Under File, click Show Filters. A small window will be attached to your main inventory window. It has Animations, Calling Cards, etc.
5. Click the None button to clear all the checkmarks.
6. Click the little square next to the word Scripts
7. Back in your main inventory window, Click the search bar and type in "hover" without the "
8. Wait as your inventory finds ALL the scripts with hover in it.
9. MOST of those scripts are Hovering Text scripts that come in the boxes we buy all the time! We don't need to keep these scripts! Delete as many as you want, but leave the one in your SL library, in case you WANT some hovering text.
10. Repeat with the words "float"
11. Other good worthless scripts to delete are "giveallinventory" "Give all" "delete me" "touch to unpack" "unpacker"

Calling Cards

I can't seem to find the info now, but those Calling Cards in your inventory check the server every so often to see if anyone's become online. Got a folder full? Me too!
Deleting all your Calling Cards WILL not remove people from your friend's list.
Deleting people from your friend's list will NOT remove their Calling Card
Use the Sort at the top of your inventory window and sort by NAME to remove any duplicates from your Calling Cards.
Deleting someone from your friend's list or their Calling Card will NOT send them a message "OMG SoandSo Newb doesn't like you anymore!"


Notecards are again, one of the overlooked inventory bloaters. I mean.. we ALL KNOW we have 4000 pairs of shoes, but opening your notecard folder will surprise you.
Use the Sort again and sort by name to get rid of duplicates
Go through them, read them, and if it's REALLY important, copy and paste it to your computer's preferred word processor. Feel free to get rid of any "Zombie Drama" as Tenshi once called it.


OMG. I rarely ever go through my LM folder. I know I have a ton but I do occassionally go through, using the Sort by name and delete any duplicates.
If you are feeling REALLY ambitious, click each LM and teleport! See if it's still a valid place. If not, the TRASH it goes.


You CAN empty your trash folder! For about a year, when I first arrived in SL, I didn't clear out my trash folder. When I finally did, I swear, the grid sighed in relief. Remember, EVERYTHING that you delete, ends up in your trash folder. Even when you drag a box out of your inventory to open it, that box you deleted is in your trash folder. If the box was copy, and you delete the box out of your inventory, THAT copy of the box goes into your trash folder. See how it bloats?
Give it a quick lookover and empty that sucker! The Grid will smile apon you.

Other Hints

Snapshots - Go through them, but don't be TOO savage in your deleting. After 3 years here, I totally enjoy looking at the random stuff I took pics of way back in the day. Try naming them instead.

Boxes - you just opened a box, and when you go to delete the rezzed box, it gives you a "At least one of the items selected is not copiable. Are you sure you want to delete them?" If you've emptied the box, yes! You don't have to keep the boxes.

Posestands - Most jewelry and hair makers will toss a posestand in each box. When you buy it, you get a free posestand... WOO! But if you're like me.. I have a metric BUTTload of posestands now. Keep the one you like and keep it rezzed in your house. All others can hit the trash. Search for both "posestand", "pose stand", and "stand" Make sure you're only deleting posestands, though!

Basic - Sort by name, and include folders by name, and go through all your different folders looking for duplicates. If they are transferrable, pass them on to someone who could use them!

Textures - Alot of your "free" textures are already in your library. If you get bored sometime, find a prize camping chair and sort through your textures. It's rewarding, if boring.

Lost and Found - Everthing that gets returned to you, ends up in your Lost and Found folder. Try going through it once in a while, especially if you're missing something. If it's full of "object"s, check them out or just delete them!

After doing all this, I recommend that you clear your cache.

1. Edit at the top of your screen
2. Preferences at the bottom of that menu
3. Network tab
4. Clear Cache button
5. Log out.. if you are having ALOT of problems and lag and inventory loss, restart your whole system after logging out
6. Log back in and buy more stuff!

After doing most of these tricks, I've trimmed over 1000 items from my inventory. Try it and see what happens to yours!


Chance Greatrex said...

yey didn't think of those scripts!

Elena Durnan said...

Good idea about those scripts! I've been cleaning my inventory too last week and still there is lots to delete!
I typed 'demo' and i found out i had hundreds of hair and skins demos..
The same with landmarks: designers include a lm of their store in each folder so you probably have hundreds copies of the same lm.

Terri Zhangsun said...

Another thing you can do to cut down your inventory is to put your snapshots, textures and LM on notecards. You even catagorize your notecards to organize better. That will cut down on things a lot!

Shelby Rasmuson said...

Thanks for that, I just cut my inventory from 20+ to just over 15K
without even trying...notecards were the worst!!

Peter Stindberg said...

Calling Cards get checked upon login, and yes, that takes some time. However I am against deleting calling cards for various reasons.

1) Calling Cards are the ONLY way right now to organize your contacts in a folder structure, e.g. "Friends", "Clients", Staff"

2) The properties of a calling card tell you when you have friended a certain person - this is a memory I like to preserve.

Anonymous said...

I just deleted scripts, pose stands, note cards, landmarks and some other items that were dupes, 3181 items in total.. will be tackling objects next..wish me luck :)

Rowan Carroll said...

Thanks for the other tips!

Another tip: Put your old photos in boxes! That way you can keep them and NOT bloat your inventory!

TeSa said...

Ok another fun thing that Kira and I started doing at one time, then we forgot but now we will remember and do it again. but each day we would pick one word and everything that comes up with that word in inventory we would sort through that day or if is a big return we would extend the time. Kind of a fun way to sort together and make it not SO overwelming and its fun to share what we found

Romel said...

WOW! I have been in that place before and one of the best features are the products of you company. can you show me some of the Inventory Clear Out of your company?

Romel said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Whjmsy Winx said...

Awesome post, but frequent voice and conference users may want to rethink ditching the calling cards. If you are in a voice conference (not a voice call to 1 other av) and want to add others to it, instead of making another conference, you can drag calling cards into the list of conference participants. This will add them to the conference and any member of the conference can add more people. Type anything in the chat to enable the new person to talk, or they will have problems, getting added fully.

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