Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Last Days

Aah LL, thank you.. thank you for ripping my heart out of my chest.. Unusual Isle was my baby.. one of the things I wanted from almost day one of my Second Life.. a sim.. for my store.. See back in the day.. only the most popular stores had their own sims.. Simone had one..

Back in June.. when Openspaces were finally cheap enough... I decided to get myself a b-day present.. A sim.. named after my store.. Unusual Isle popped onto the grid, like 20 minutes after I paid Neural the $250USD set up fee. I squeeed like I'd never squeed before. Within a WEEK I had my store up and running and a little street with a little bridge and my old lighthouse... I built a few little buildings to share my little street and rented them out to friends and other designers I knew.

The economy tanked.. no one was buying, no matter how many pairs of shoes I made.. Still I had a nice little nest egg in my L balance, so I could offset the tier fee.. Then LL pulls the rug out from under me... $125!!!

A friend offered me a good deal on my sim... So.. Nov 14th, Unusual Isle will be closed.. and She's So Unusual Shoes will close for a week for moving.. The new store is built.. I have a few new pairs of shoes to finish to make the new store opening. Some older shoes are being semi retired.. they will be available in a vending machine that pops a random pair out for $10L.

I'll post a SLURL to the new store soon.. along with some pics of the new shoes..

Go visit Unusual Isle one last time... go up to the top of the light house and look down apon my baby. Go sit and talk with friends around the bonfire on the beach, just watch for the Octopus..
Visit some of the other people who shared my space.. Autumn, Bev, Skinkie.. all of you.. I will miss you!


Siddean said...

honey I am so sorry you have had to lose your sim in such a manner. I am in exactly the same situation as you, but I have a different plan on how to handle the problem. I'm glad you got a good price for Unusual Isle, and I hope you get back there someday.

Kesseret Steeplechase said...

I am sorry you lost your sim. We are in the same situation. I'm going to keep Amira probably but the rest of our 21+ sims are gone.

LL just lost a shitload of tier from us. I'm pretty much done with LL and SL- Here's to opensim! *cheers*

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