Sunday, July 20, 2008

Men's Hunt!

If you haven't heard by now, there is a men's hunt going on right now! YES finally just for the our lovely MAN types!

Here is a SLURL to the starting point

List of participating shops

Sn@tch(2 here from Sn@tch and !Retox!)Bryce Designs
Sugar Mill
Accessories by Eolande
Ekstras, Inc
Bluebell Productions
Unique Needs!
Ephemeral Creations
:: Twisted Rose::
:[MudHoney]: (2 Hammers here)
Mischief Fashions
She's So Unusual Shoes (AHEM! YES! I made a special pair of my creepers for you!)
*Simply Spoiled (2 Hammers here)
YJ Shop
Synful Kreations
FD Style (2 Hammers here)
Bodies by Oh!

So ladies.. take your men out for some freebie joy and hey.. look around and see the new shops you might not have been to before!


j3nnif3r said...

Hi, sorry if I'm OT... XD I love your shoes! And now I'm creating mine... I linked you in my blog, and if you want to come and look around o link me out I'll be happy. ^.^ Thanks! Bye!

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