Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Happy 4th Freebie!

I just put out a $1L pair of USA Sandals on the steps on my store! They are just kinda fun and funky.. as usual.. Neat color morphing effect.. Come pick them up and look around inside for all the other $1L pairs I have! Maybe pick up some other shoes for my low low prices. My favorite price is $95L. I dunno why. Maybe I'm the Payless of SL.. eheheh..

Other news..
I'm working HARD on a neat pair of shoes JUST for the ASPCA at the Shoe Expo. I have 35 regular pairs to debut at the show. I've been just waiting for this. I know there's alot of changes going on, my moving to an island, not releasing much.. but it will be so worth it. I expect to see you all at the show

Flickr Contest for June! It's ended. I was glad to see such creative pics! I need to consult with my judges but I hope to announce the winners by Friday. But you know me, don't hold me to it. Great job EVERYONE! Get Ready for those July pics!


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