Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Flickr and the Shoe Expo

I had some extra prims as I'm setting up at the Shoe Expo. So I pulled a pic from each of my Flickr Groupies that feature my shoes and I'm pasting them on the wall of my stall. I'm putting your name on each pic in case someone thinks you are the perfect new model for their fall line! If you do NOT want to be on my wall at the Shoe Expo, please let me know. I still have more room so if you would like to be on the wall at the Shoe Expo.. Get taking some pics!

This WILL change the prizes for June.. as soon as I get the prizes boxed up.. :} I just couldn't see NOT showing off all the great pics you guys keep posting. Think I'll go out and buy a couple REALLY nice gift cards for my winners.. :}

I just wanna say thank you to Phoenix, Delora and all the others who are working SOOO hard to make this Shoe Expo great. As Delora was taking me to my spot, I got a chance to look around. It's an amazing mix of new designers or at least NEW to me, old designers, FAMOUS names *wink wink nudge nudge* like me and Maitreya, and Juicy and Tesla, Shiny Things.. I could go on and on!

I can't believe they are letting ME showcase my wierd little shoes next to the giants of the SL fashion industry. I feel like the local hamburger wagon going to a McDonald's show! The best part of this, is we all are on equal footing. We all have the same prim limit and same size space. And they did a great job of mixing us all up. The big guys aren't all lumped together and the small guys are limited to like 1/4 of the prims like I've seen at some expos. The build is so fab. It's very simple and lagfree, but yet it's good quality work.

well.. the Expo opens on the 12th. We are just now getting to our spots and setting up. I can't wait to spend my evenings on the pink couch in my booth, meeting and greeting and chatting! I welcome you ALL to come up and say HOWDY. I LOVE meeting my fans, my detractors, my "people I haven't met yet"


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