Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Shoe Expo 2008!

Wow.. are you as excited as I am? Shoes GALORE! I'm just as excited to be a part of this as to be able to GO to it!

We're supposed to get a press release soon but mark your calenders!

July 12th to July 27th!

Already I have like.. 35 pairs of new shoes for you to enjoy. I know I haven't been releasing much new stuff, I'm really saving it all for the Shoe Expo. I wanna really WOW the people who know me and the people who DON'T know me.

The island is now open. It's doing really well. I understand it's been pretty much lag free or at least, LOW lag.. I encourage you to come by and see the other stores and get an updated LM for MY store, since Redux NW is no longer my home. I'm often seen when online, hanging around the island with my nose spoon on. :} Feel free to yell Howdy at me!

Don't forget to check out the SSUS Flickr Group! June's prizes are as follows

#1. Preview copies of the Shoe Expo releases.
#2. Your Flickr pic @ the Shoe Expo. This is GREAT for you wanna be models! & a $300L Gift Certificate.

The competition on the Flickr group is FIERCE! As Christian would say! I've already seen some I absolutely love. Contest ends June 30th. You have a week! Let's get going.


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