Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mystery Sale!

Ok.. until I open my new openspace sim, I'm having a SALE at my usual Unusual store!
BUT it's not an SSUS sale unless it's unusual! Here's the deal

For $200L you get a box. INSIDE that box are 5 pairs of my usual shoes. The Mystery part is you don't get to know WHAT shoes you are getting! Lemme tell you, I just pulled regular pairs of my shoes out of my stock and tossed them in the box. You are getting at least 2X in value for what you paid.

So look for the BIG box near the door outside and buy it. I will be changing out the shoes inside the BIG Mystery box every 3 days.

ALSO, I hear a rumor there is going to be a men's only hunt across the grid soon.. I KNOW I'm gonna participate... men like shoes too don't they?


CeN said...

A men's only hunt? That would be great! On my way to pick up the box, I love surprises.

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