Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Where has Rowan Been?

Here! I've been here.. in SL and RL.. Working my butt off. I've also been sick.. still. Yuck.. I haven't forgotten you wonderful Blog readers. In Fact.. I have a present for you..

YES! Neural and I are holding the HUGEST BIGGEST Mardi Gras Party!! I want everyone who is on to come by.. at least until SL crashes! I'll be giving away sooo many prizes, the raffle ball might die! I got Sine Wave and other dances in my dance ball, I made my first flexi skirt and I'm giving it away in a souviner outfit. I've got a mask, some beads, some other fun stuff. SO if you happen to be in world on Feb 20th anytime between 5pm and 12 am SLT.. come on by the store and GET down with us.
BTW.. if you happen to be a DJ or know a DJ.. send them to me, ok?
See you sooon!


Anonymous said...

Donovan sez: you're blog doesn't contain 110% Donovan approved fashion postings! You are a "lesser blogger"! Only blogs that Donovan approves are capable of saying anything of value to anyone in all of the Second Life fashion world! All other "lesser bloggers" are incapable of producing anything of value, and are run by people who are unholy, unclean, and unworthy of blessing by Donovan, who's mighty keyboard shines with the magnficence of omniscience, and the ultimate in fashion knowledge!

Cower before The Donovan ye pitiful "lesser blogger"!

Gawd, what an idiot. You *so* pwned his sorry ass. Keep up the blogging Rowan, the ones that Donovan would surely call "lesser designers" need you.

Kaiti Jensen said...

huh? I don't see where the comment above, from "anonymous" applies to the post.

The party sounds like a lot of fun, and I'm hoping to go, if SL is being good and doesn't crash me.

Happy Valentines Day!

Neural said...

How did I miss this? I need to refresh my browser cache more often I guess. Yes, Rowan is doing a fab job of putting together this party, and has a great location set up for it.
Hope to see you all there! <3

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