Sunday, February 25, 2007

Virtual Angels

Look at me!! Three posts in one night! WOO!

Maybe you've heard and maybe you haven't, but there is a huuge charity sale going on right now. Let me fill you in.. straight from Simone Stern

"Virtual Angels Yard Sale Please join the Virtual Angels as they sponsor a huge, ten-day, simwide yard sale, starting on February 22nd. The proceeds will be devoted to the Virtual Angels' wellness fund. The Virtual Angels is a new group, founded by Simone Stern. Formerly known as Ayeshe’s Angels, the Virtual Angels will become a real world non-profit to help those in need. Currently, the charity is exploring the steps needed to become an official non-profile and apply for tax-free status in the United States. All money donated to the Virtual Angels will earmarked for the care of Ayeshe Millions, the first of many to be chosen as the beneficiary of the charity work that started here in Second Life. This is a fantastic opportunity to pick up clothing from your favorite top designers and also help your fellow residents. Donations can be sent to Simone Stern, Nerine Kasei or Susan Pegler in a folder marked "Virtual Angels Yard Sale Donation" and also money donations may dropped into Virtual Angels kiosks in stores around Second Life."

I've been to the yard sale. Veni, Vici, Repadi.. I came, I saw, I bought! HA! I'm not just a blogger, I'm an internet translater user too! Guess what? I'm also a donater! I donated some shoes to the Yard Sale. AFTER I bought a large amount of Simone's outfits.. each for $100L. I mean. what in the world is better than a SALE AND helping someone? If it was chocolate.. I think that's the only way it could be better.

Virtual Angels Yard Sale


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