Sunday, February 25, 2007

CatWalk City

If you haven't heard about CatWalk City, you've obviously living your SL under a prim shaped like a rock. This is the newest and best mall in SL. They have a wonder space, set up more like a REAL mall than just.. heey look I hollowed out a cube and I'll rent it to you cheap! 3 floors, 6 boutiques and even a REAL catwalk for fashion shows! They even have their own, in house modeling agency so designers can have models for their fashion shows on the catwalk. That is a really new and interesting idea. Sorta like a Super Wal-Mart approach to fashion. Everything in one place.

Speaking of Fashion Shows, now is the season. And CatWalk City is holding a huuge SL fashion show Feb 25th. Actually, 2 Shows! One at 4pm SLT and one at 8pm SLT to make sure everyone can make it. This is the Grand Opening of CatWalk City, so expect alot of people. But also, get ready for some major shopping. I've been to CatWalk City already. There are ALOT of the best designers in SL already renting spaces. This should be one HECK of a fashion show. With DOOR prizes!! How many RL fashion shows have DOOR prizes!

I'm gonna try to make it there. Here's to hoping the grid and/or my puter will let me! Come give me a shout out if you see me. I loooove to see my readers in SL


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