Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My favorite Groups

Today, on Lessons with Rowan.. I wanna talk about SL groups. Yes.. I know.. we can only have 25.. and it sucks.. but I've been around log enough to remember when we could only have 10. THAT sucked, k?

I have about 23 groups that I'm a part of. Some are groups for everyone, some are groups just for rentals and such. Some are for fun, and some are for profit. Lemme tell you about some of the BEST groups in SL at least in my opinion.

#1. Fabulously Free in SL The group was started from the FabFree blog and now has over 7000 members. We share freebie spots, dollerbies, good sales. There are quite a few designer (ahem) in this group and they send out special freebies when we hit the next level of members. I know there are some GREAT ones coming for reaching 7000 members.

#2. Fashion Emergency Started by the Great Six Kennedy of Gurl 6, this group has 3000+ members. Can't find something to wear? Ask the girls and guys of FE. Not alot of notice spam, and sometimes we're a little.. risque in our chatter. But these people know their stuff!

#3. Fashion Consolidated One of the MUST have groups for designers and people who like fashion. TONS of notices, occasional free stuff and no chat. They have strict rules on the designers who get to send notices, so you won't get 4 notices a week from the same person.

#4. New Citizens Inc 11000 people. Ask any darn question in here, and you'll prolly get an answer. NO Spam! No advertising. Tons of free classes on how to make a prim shoe, to how to buy land, to event promotion. There are a bunch of NCI areas in world, each one trying to help newbies and oldbies alike make their way. I'm a proud supporter of NCI!

#5. She's So Unusual Shoes Update Group The inworld version of my mailing list thingie. Nothing special about it, but sometimes I make up funny titles for you to wear. What? It's my blog and I can list any group I want!

That's all for now. What are some of YOUR favorite groups?


Sileny said...

I would like to add to your list of best groups Free Style, Lucky Chair Stalkers, and Hey Girlfriend are my absolute faves. LCS and HG because the people are amazing and fun and FS because it's just a great source for quality free goods and finding new stores.

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