Thursday, November 26, 2009

2009 Footwear Expo New Releases

Now that the Shoe Expo is open and running, lemme share with you MY new Releases available ONLY at the Expo.

First up, some more BOOTS! My Belted Ruffle Boots. $195L a pair, transfer only

Then I worked on these hot little d'orsays heels. Rose D'orsay Heels, $95L a pair and transfer only.

And then I thought about needing some more FUN. Novelty slippers with sound on touch! $95L a pair, transfer only

Finally, I've been working on these for a while now... STRIPPABLE pumps! $195L and transfer only.

These fun shoes are available ONLY at the Shoe Expo until it ends, then they will move to the main store. Don't forget to purchase the selected shoes that give 100% to Toys for Tots!


Sileny said...

Please explain "strippable". Im confused and intrigued :o

Rowan Carroll said...

Strippable means.. it's scripted with a remove script and ten options for sexy ways for someone else to remove your shoes

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