Saturday, June 20, 2009

Grand Reopening

Today is the Grand Reopening of my store, She's So Unusual Shoes! I'm so excited.. it's an amazing build by Miskat Qinan, who over the course of this build has become a great friend. I'm so lucky to have snagged his awesome talents and his kind and generous friendship. This whole thing couldn't have been done without you, Kat. I really and truly appreciate it.
For my customers, I have redone some of your old favorites. In redoing the store, I had a chance to really look back and see how far I've come. I decided to update some of my best sellers. I hope you'll stop by and see them. Sculpties are coooool!
There is a giftbag with two pairs of new shoes, available at the party. Today at Noon SLT. I have hired a great DJ and Kat and I will be hanging around, dancing, chatting, and having fun. Come join us!


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