Thursday, January 15, 2009

Secluded Cove Boardwalk

If you haven't been by Secluded Cove Boardwalk.. you should.. we have some of the greatest designers on SL. Julia Soothsayer, ME *ha!*, Ryker Beck, Enktan Gully, just to name a few..

Right now I have some spots open!

The carts are 15 prims and only $50L a week! That is SUCH a good deal.. OMG. There are a ton of new spaces that are open..

ALL you have to do is send Rowan Carroll a notecard with the number of prims you want, the number of the store you want or it's description, any changes you want and the name of your store.

Here are rental prices which are VERY reasonable!
15 prims $50L a week
30 prims $200L
40 prims $300L
45 prims $325L
50 prims $350L
60 prims $400L
70 prims $450L
100 prims $600L
each for week

Again.. just send me a notecard so I can set up the rental box JUST for you.. and YES I will make changes to the builds if you want.. I'm not that vain!

There is a great event in the works for Mardi Gras.. so you better rent NOW!



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