Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Nora Skins goes bye bye

Another skin maker is closing up shop. At least this one goes out with a bang and not a DMCA.
Nora Skins have been around forever and a day. I remember purchasing some waay back when I was still a newbie. I hadn't been back in a while, but poor little frugal me heard about the $100L skin sale and well.. I RAN!
I ended up trying the Nora Samantha Ginger Demos.. and after seeing how cute the face looked on me, I bought all of them.. I mean. come on! $100L a skin!

One of the things I noticed about the Nora Samantha skins is the painted on hair. Here I am wearing Truth's Deanne in Black. I always thought this hair looked good.. but with the painted one under hair it looks SO much better! Really softens the hair line and makes it look so much MORE natural. Each Nora Skin comes with bald, and painted hair in red, black , brown and blonde. They also come with undies and pants layer pubic hair. AND prim addons for your painted on hair. Eh.. I wasn't a big fan, but I appreciate the idea.

The Nora body is soft. The highlights and skin texture are very blended, not photorealistic.. thank god. The nipples are a little big for MY tastes, but I don't get naked very often anymore... *sigh* I like the softly done highlights, for my AV is NOT ripped, overly muscled OR too skinny:}

The makeup range was limited but really... how many makeups do you need? There are 12 make ups all together that you can buy individually or in 3 packs.

these are great fun skins for the $100L. I wish Nora all the best in her future SL plans. I'll be sorry to see her go. I understand it's hard to find an honest skin maker in SL *wink*

Skin - Nora Skins Samantha Ginger
Eyes - Skin Deep, real brown
Lashes - Lynnix Lashes Thick and Long
Shape - made by me NOT for sale, pooh on you!
Hair - Truth Deanne Dollarbie in Black
Poses - LAP various


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