Saturday, April 19, 2008


I don't wear wings very often in SL. It's just not one of my things. I do have a costume I made up of some pieces I found all over the grid. The best piece in my Green Fairy costume are my custom made (N) wings in a perfect green to match my outfit.
(N) Wings are made by my best SL friend Neural Blankes. She is participating in the Wing Fling today. She TPed me the other day to her booth and asked for some help setting up.. I'll let the pics speak for themselves

Here is her booth in Night and Day settings. I love the ethereal quality of her wings. Gossamer and light. So I tried to create a... fantasy forest for the fairies that wear these wings.

You'll HAVE to check out the Wing Fling. Stop by Neural's booth, near Material Squirrel. Sit on the pose ball on the edge of the pond. Relax.. reflect..


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