Saturday, April 19, 2008


So when I first started SL, I did occasionally camp to earn some money. I quickly learned it was a waste of time, and bought myself $20USD worth of Lindens and I haven't bought any since! I'm a nice person. At least I like to think I am. I got two of those neat camping things that have people scrubbing the floor or windows while they camp. TWO of them. So please don't give me that "hogging all the sim's resources" and blah blah blah crap. TWO decently paying camping spots. I doubt they really added much to my traffic and I felt I was helping a newbie.
Now all I'm getting is trouble. Everyone accusing the others of being "bots" and stealing their money. I'm not sure HOW they could steal the money. If you camp, when you stand up, it pays you. But I'm stuck dealing with complaints.
So I'm removing my two big camping spots until I can either fix them or find better ones. Maybe find something that is better. Anyone know of any cute camping items or have any ideas on how to fix this problem?


Chic Aeon said...

There ARE lots of Bots out there and there are plenty of new folk that have no way of telling and so accuse everyone. Stealing the money is a new thing for me. Haven't heard about that. There ARE camping spots that have the person verify (ever few minutes and not necessarily at 10 minute intervals for example). A drop down box shows up and you have to press the correct button to continue. They also kick you off at a certain amount earned. I would check the PAINTER camper in front of House of Zen (new) as it seems to be a good one for this. Just right click and get to inspect and you can see who made it. Some of the others that "say" they are camping script and bot proof are NOT. The hackers have fixes for those. The old campers can definitely be overrun by bots and even the ones that boot people can be controlled with camping scripts so if you want REAL people who at least have a window open to SL while camping and multitasking then you need a camper with the drop down questioning ever so often. Most campers won't do these unless they pay 3 for 10 or so as it is a hassle (yes, we are spoiled - wink). That's what I know. Good luck.

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