Wednesday, October 24, 2007

(N) Stockings *edited*

There are SO many stockings to choose from in this store, that I just took pics of the varieties. Besides, I modeled for some of the pics, so I know how good these are.

Neural Blankes owns (N) and makes all sorts of great clothing. But today, I go for the stockings. The Colors! OH MY GOD. There are soo many colors to choose from, and sooo many different styles. Sheer with back seams, Lace Roses, Lace topped, Large Fishnet with the BEST sideseams! They line up!

Look at the work on the ankle. Anyone can tell you that SL ankles are a BIIIITCH to texture. I love the way the line is still straight all the way down the leg, even to the heel. FAB.

Prices in (N) range from $1L for some great Halloween stockings to $100L for a multipack of colors.

I love these stockings, they are my total goto stockings for sexy times and any time I need them.

SLurl? Of course you may!

(N) Stockings and other fine items

FIXED the Slurl! WOO! $10L sale going on now.. I love Neural's poses if you are interested in modeling poses or sits for furniture.. click the linkage!


Anonymous said...

The SLURL for this is no longer valid.

Rowan Carroll said...

I apologize for the SLurl not working.. I'm working with the designer to get it fix..there are a few of her stockings inside my store, near the back wall.. never fear!

Rowan Carroll said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Neural Blankes said...

The SLURL issue has been resolved and the location is working now. Sorry for the delay.

Neural Blankes said...

oh.. and for the next 24 to 48 hours (maybe longer? :)
a huge number of items in my store will be marked down to L$10

Anonymous said...

The slurl works but the shop is not there.Just a floor and nothing more.

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