Monday, August 20, 2007

New Citizen's Mall

If you are under 120 days and interested in some free Vendor space, look no further than...

This is a GREAT space for newbies to show off what they have learned to build and create.

For us oldbies.. Just LOOK what I found!

Petal Meg has some FAB jewelry for good prices and Hubby's Boutique has been raved about in a bunch of the Fashion Blogs.

If you are under 120 and want some space, there are some RUUULLLEESS.. Lemme give ya a little taste of them

1. You must be 120 days old or younger to get free vendor space at
the NCI Mall. Older players may get space for a commision fee,
space allowing. (Younger residents will always get priority for any
space available.) If you are over 120 days you must use our vendor.
2. You are allowed only one vendor. The vendor should use no more
than 5 prims. (In general, this would allow a forward and back
arrow, a picture area, an info button, and a text setter prim.)
You may use our vendor if you need one, if you are over 120 days you
must our vendor to pay commission fees. The vendor may give out
landmarks to your main location, if you have one. We want you to
get your name out there! However please do not set out an object
that is simply a landmark distributor.
3. The NCI Mall is in a PG region, and as such, all vendors and all items sold
must be acceptable for a PG region. No nudity, and thus, no skins
4. You may not resell anything that you have purchased elsewhere here,
that goes for anything you have aquired free as well as anything you
have paid for. Your name must appear in the "Creator:" slot.
5. You may not falsely advertise, or advertise deceptively, any boxed item.
If the vendor sells something other than what it claims, it will be
6. You may not sell gambling machines or devices of any kind.
7. i. You may not set up Hippiepay "vendors" or Pyramid systems, nor any
type of money scamming device, and so
ii. You may not sell any inventory that violates the spirit of Second Life,
nor anything that explicitly violates ANY of the Second Life Terms of Service

They may be strict, but NCI Kuula gets some of the BEST non camper traffic on the grid. This is great for newbies. I wish they would have had this when I was first getting started. Then you all could have bought my shoes WAY BACK WHEN! :}



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