Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hunts Hunts Hunts!

I'm part of TWO count them TWO hunts right now, though not at my main store.

First up is the 3rd Annual Starlust Panty Raid! Wooo PANTIES!
A Hunt for Underwear/Underwear-Related items!

WHEN? : Friday, August 13th- Tues, August 31th

WHAT DO YOU DO? : Hunt for sculpty clamshells hidden throughout the many sims of Starlust! They can be ANYWHERE (inside stores, outside stores, underwater, anywhere is fair game!)

The clams will be either free or $1L. Right click to buy!

You can begin your hunt in any of the Starlust sims (some may have more people than others, so feel free to begin in any of the sims!)

Any questions? Please send a NC to Averie Larnia!

Have fun!
<3 The Starlust Management & Vendors

Here's MY giftie!

You HAVE to see these panties! Just wear them and you pose as above and your face makes a surprised expression. The cherry pumps are too cute with little bows and a pair of cherries on the toe. Check out the pair with a pair of panties stuck on your heel. Teehee!

The second hunt is the Shopatorium Ice Cream Social. Mmmm Ice cream!
AUGUST 14 - AUGUST 31 2010

It's time again for another Shopatorium mini-hunt, so let's celebrate Summer! This mini-hunt will run from Saturday, August 14, through Tuesday, August 31.

It's the Shopatorium Ice Cream Social hunt!

This isn't a consecutive hunt, so you won't be using landmarks. There's a Sundae, an Ice Cream Cone and a Creamsicle to look for.

Here's my Giftie!

An Exclusive color of my popular Patchwork Unbuttoned Boots. A very light cream, almost grey. I call it Mushroom. Only available for the hunt!

I hear there are tons of great gifts at both these fun hunts. Have a ball!


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