Sunday, October 11, 2009

Yay We Moved Hunt!

So.. if you aren't in my mailing list thingie, you probably didn't know this.. but.. I moved! I left Thistledown, my old spot, to a great new spot on Agard near a bunch of other stores. Lovely little streets.

Took awhile to get all my shoes, minus the retired ones, into the new store... whew! Last count.. over 400 pairs. Imelda eat your heart out. I think everything is easy to see, and see to walk around. I love the stairs.. they are interesting.

So to get you all out to see the new store, and to update your LMs.. I'm having a little old hunt. 4 unique pairs of shoes will be put in tiny boxes and hidden in the store. You find, you purchase for $0L and they're yours. I WILL be moving them randomly throughout the week. I'm mean like that. I know. Hunt starts Monday Oct 12th at 12:01am and lasts to Monday Oct 19th at 11:59pm SLT. Make sure you subscribe to my mailing list thingie, cause I've got some at my usual crazy halloween shoes in process. WOOT!


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