Wednesday, September 2, 2009


WOO! I love fall.. almost as much as I love spring!

I thought about putting out my old sculptie tree with the falling leaves.. when I looked at it.. and I said.. I can do BETTER!

I redid the leaves texture, reworked the script into mono (Thanks Neural for your help!) and added some more limbs. Don't worry.. it's only 13 prims. I also worked on permissions on it, so you can modify the limbs and the leaves on the ground. WOOT!

Right now they are in my store, well. on the porch. There is a tree to see and a box to buy. They are COPY so buy one.. place it everywhere you want.. as long as you have permission to do so, ya know? The old ones are still available, along with my spring cherry blossom tree and my winter trees with snow angel anims on Xstreet.


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