Friday, March 13, 2009

NCI St Patty's Day Hunt!

Guess who's a part of this hunt?


I've been a supporter of NCI, New Citizen's Inc for a long time. They really helped me get MY start and NCI has the BEST free classes anywhere. From the basics of SL to making sculpties to running a business... they cover it all..

This is a grid-wide hunt, meaning stores across many sims are participating, and all are owned by NCI members.
The hunt will begin on March 13, and end March 20.
To begin, start at the landmark given from this sign- "Where The Sidewalk Ends"
While there, find the shamrock "NCI Shamrock Hunt #1"- It will give you a gift, as well as a landmark for the next shop- follow the shamrocks till the end of the hunt- there will be 42 in all!

I'm number 35! I got some great St Patty's day booties in mine.. I can't wait to see what everyone else does. This is a great hunt, it's not 450 different places.. just 42! You could do that in a day.. Less even.

Start HERE



Ginny said...

I started this hunt the other day and had to break off, but was so impressed with the creativity of the gifts and the shops that I have to go back and really experience everything. Some hunts, you just flick in and out of each location as quickly as possible... but the creative places make me want to slow down and see what else is there.

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