Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Well.. part #1 of the revamp is complete. I've gotten rid of the boxes and shelves and gone with a sign on the wall style. Does give a little more rooooom to the store. I've also gotten a new puter, so moving ALL my files over. uuugh.

Next of the ReVamp, and you'll see signs for it in the store now, Men's line. I have a few pairs of men's shoes already that were mixed in. So I didn't have alot of men coming to the store. I have a few more pairs in my inventory and they will be released soon. Also some new shoes for the ladies, of course. It IS She's So Unusual Shoes...

I also have some new freebies I need to box up.,. and possible make.. the good creative juices are flowing again..

Things for YOU to look forward to:

#1. Men's shoes!
#2. Freebies!
#3. Partial sculptie boots
#4. Cowgirl boots?
#5. Spring styles!
#6. Happy Rowan

I love comments. Drop me a comment on how you like the new style of the displays.

How about a comment on what you are wanting to see this spring? I understand Mod is VERY in this spring. I'm already seeing it pop up in other designers stuff.

Any Designers that would like to work with me on something, let me know.. I'm alot of fun.. just ask Pinchyface... *giggle*

Don't forget to join my update group to know exactly when I release new stuff. I love to give out shoes to my group.

Rowan Carroll


Sidonie said...

Hey Rowan, I just wanted to say that I so admire your creativity and the fact that you don't give up. Haven't given up, even though you haven't had the results you might like.

I do have one other suggestion for what it might be worth. Frequently in groups such as Fashion Emergency, the question isn't "who has the cutest shoes" but "who has the sexiest shoes".

If you can find a way to make a really sexy pair of shoes, maybe it laces up the leg, maybe it has a girl shaped heel, mI dunno. But if you could come up with that, it would be a boost. And I agree, sculpties do seem to be the wave of the future. Aphrodite Outlander, for example, made a couple cute sculptie shoes, sold them at a reasonable price and is now known as much for shoes as her other items she makes.

I agree also that sculpties seem to be terrifyingly challenging and for laggy areas, I am much happier wearing a pair of prim only shoes.

My .02 cause you seem like an awesome person and I am really impressed by your attitude. I love your shoes, but I admit, I am often seduced by those darn sculpties or something sexy.

/me hugs you tightly. Can't wait to see the revamp on the store and if there is anything I can do to help please let me know.

Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear you are making men's shoes. I am having a hard time finding good quality men's shoes that don't cost the earth!

Immortal Wingtips

Dita Tran said...

Hi Rowan!

I agree with Sidonie, people are usually looking for SEXY shoes, but it would make me cry with sad to see you try to change your style to fit into some perceived market. You have your own little niche, but that's the thing, isn't it? It's a LITTLE niche...

Your shoes are so whimsical, have you considered marketing any or all of the low-heeled styles as CHILDREN'S shoes? Perhaps some Mommy and Me sets? Maybe partner with someone to make shoes to match their clothes?

Whatever you do, girl, be YOURSELF don't you dare change what you do, trust me there are enough sexy pumps out there (OMG did I really just say that? Okay I'm going to Maitreya now to do my penance...)

Love, Dita

Anonymous said...

Hey!I really love your shoes....and There´s some sexy !

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