Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas wishes.. TAGGED!

Teagan Blackthorne tagged me!

What I want for Christmas ~

Copy the below text into your posting, add your reply, add your tagged members (5 please), then leave them a post or email letting them know they’ve been tagged. I can’t wait to read what everyone has for an answer…

Question 1 – What is the one thing you always wanted for Christmas as a child, but never got. Even now, as an adult, it would be pretty cool if you got it.

Question 2 – What is the one thing you wish for this Christmas (for yourself)?

Question 3 – What would you wish for, if the sky was the limit, and nothing was impossible?

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1. I'm soo cheesy.. I always wanted an EasyBake Oven.. but I instead learned how to bake without a light bulb.. much more fun!

2. Just for me.. A LARGE box with a bow and certain adorable man and his adorable pug puppy

3. If NOTHING was impossible.. I would wish for my father to come back, if only for a day. I have so many things I wish I could have asked him, wish I would have paid more attention. And it would make my mother so happy.

Oh my.. I tag Popfuzz, The Brutal Honesty crew, Marni Grut, and all my good friends at the Fashion Emergency channel who keep me rolling on the floor, laughing my RL butt off.


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